SLEIGHTING has been presented at the 2014 Live Arts Exchange Festival, and the 2015 Slamdance Digital, Interactive, and Gaming (DIG) Showcase.

SLEIGHTING is an unprecedented approach to multimedia performance using realtime motion capture and previsualization tools to enable a new breed of performer. It is about showmanship, hype and the future of entertainment.

Through the ability to pilot avatars before a live audience, SLEIGHTING creates a new type of superstar who is no longer confined to being one personality, but is able to be anyone and everyone. Like the superstar DJ or sportsman who commands arenas full of fans, SLEIGHTING presents itself as a future art and sport, and an event that people descend upon to witness and partake in. In this case, the arena is now the site of reinvention for the event film, and the director is now conductor and performer, empowered through technological extensions of the self.

The show has a running time of around 20 minutes and mainly consists of three sketches in which the spectacle of interfacing with virtual realities drives both narrative and design. Realtime motion capture and previsualization tools, typically used in the film and gaming industries, are now used to DJ virtual camera moves and special effects for this live event.

This video features footage from 5 shows performed on April 3rd, 2014 at the California Institute of the Arts where SLEIGHTING was conceived and first performed.


Rachel Ho
Director, Producer, Dance

Daniel Jackson
Video System Design, Creative Direction

John Brennan
Technical Director, Creative Direction

DJ Petroleum Jelly (aka Julian Petschek)
Original Music, Creative Direction

Lionel Williams
Digital Set Design

Ting Zhang
Video System Assistant, Motion Graphics

Michael Scroggins
Mocap Mentor

Ryan Hines
Graphic Design

Jesse Baldridge
Lighting Design

Sean Buckelew, Brian Smee
Additional Graphics

Solomon Turner, Masa Fox

Ben Huff
Re-recording Mixer

Scott Groller
Photo documentation

CG Rachel

Christopher Parent at MedusaVFX
3D Scan

John Mahoney
Clean Up & Texturing

Theresa Latzko

Ben Reicher
Rigging & Supervision

Thanks to...
A115 CLUB, The CalArts Interdisciplinary Grant, Gordon Kurowski, Alexi Gehring, Nathan Meier, Michael Mcneff, Chiwang Yang, Emery Martin, Miwa Matreyek, Hilary Kapan, Kan Anant at PhaseSpace, CalArts Experimental Animation & Character Animation, and many other helpful friends!

Julian Petschek

Original DJ PETROLEUM JELLY music at:


For any questions, or to request more information you can email Rachel at